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Server Tariff
Annually prepaid accounts get 20% discount. No set-up fees. Unlimited traffic. Same-day account-activation. Widows, orphans and all registered charities hosted free. Any questions?
Webspace 100mb
incl. full FTP, Telnet, log file access, unlimited e-mail aliases and redirects [e.g. your-name@kemptown.net your-name@kemptown.co.uk]
£ 12
Virtual Host
high-performance web-hosting incl. own CGI directory and same-day DNS registration; dedicated IP address; full access logs with hourly updates; search-engine registration; unlimited extra domain name registration and parking
£ 10
Secure Transaction Server
£ 25
SQL Database Server
Setup, Maintainance and DBMS Design £ 30 / hour or £ 200 / day
£ 20
Extra 250mb Webspace
£ 15
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Telephone: +44 (0)1273 699055
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